Monday, February 6, 2012

Into The Night

Posted by Princess White at 12:45 PM

Well hello there my luvs!!!!! For some reason I have a new found love for all of my old items. I am so glad I didnt get rid of certain things!!!!! Below you will find a dress that I thrifted during my college yrs (c/0 2004) . This is my first time wearing the dress btw. I usually thrift items and sometimes they dont make the cut until years later. As matter of fact everything I am wearing in the photos are from my college yrs.Its better late than never :) Anywho I had tons on my mind and my release just happen to be getting dolled up and heading .... INTO THE NIGHT

Jacket, Dress, Earrings, and Clutch
: Thrifted Belt: Target Shoes: Kathy Zealand


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